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The Diabetes Game

The Diabetes Game

Nora Coon wrote The Diabetes Game when she was 16, and a junior in high school. Here is an excerpt:

“Now we get to the heart of juvenile diabetes – blood sugars that aren’t “in range.” The first thing you must do to maintain your sanity is accept that you’ll never have perfect blood sugars. You’ll have week- or month-long runs of blood sugars in the low 100’s, and you’ll think everything is going perfectly – but then you’ll get sloppy, or have growth spurt, or get sick, and everything will get so crazy that your average blood sugar will shoot up to 250 – or fall down to about 70. So here’s a little advice…I’m not going to lie an say that living with diabetes is easy. It’s not…There will be days when you hate diabetes. Diabetes will cause all kinds of problems for you.

But diabetes is not a death sentence. Diabetes comes with good things too. Diabetes will make you grow up. It may be faster than you’d planned – or wanted – but you’ll find yourself skipping past the wanton carelessness that adults seem to expect of teenagers….

And living with diabetes will make your tougher. It’s the whole “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” idea. When bad stuff happens in to you in the future, you’ll have an idea of how to cope with it. Once you’ve learned to live and cope with diabetes, it helps you…

“Nora’s book will help newly diagnosed teens and their families understand what has just happened to them, and it will prepare them for the new life that diabetes has brought to them. While there are great many books about diabetes, very few are written by young people for young people, and Nora’s book will definitely make up for that.” Jeff Hitchcock, president of ChildrenWithDiabetes and a father of a child with diabetes.

Buy here to give as a “gift” for someone to know what it’s really like for a teen to live with diabetes 24/7.

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