Diabetes 180

You only begin “where you are” when you initiate any change process, whether desiring a slight turn, or a complete “180 degree” turnaround toward better diabetes and life balance.

There is not much sense in weeping and moaning about past blood sugars or sky high HgA1c’s. Let them go! It’s time to move toward what works for you.

Some folks make diabetes turn-arounds without professional help. Here is a self-coaching guide to help you move forward. Others can benefit from guided coaching.

Even when choosing guided coaching, you’re the person that makes the choices to fit for you. Dr. Fulop’s coaching role is to help clarify your values, your motivations to change, and barriers for change. He helps get you through a diabetes muddles.

Here are 7 simple steps for beginning or sustaining a change process:

  • Envision a goal you want, and write how reaching it goal will affect you.
  • Write how a simple change could help you, or how not changing will help you.
  • Deliberate about the barriers you’ll encounter for change.
  • Plan on how you’ill overcome the barriers.
  • Commit to a change plan [or not, it’s up to you]. Set a Date!
  • Follow through for a specified time. [1 week versus forever and ever]
  • See how you performed, and whether it helped.

Now, celebrate completing that change cycle, and either set a new goal, or reset the old one!