Dr. Michael Fulop running the Port Angeles marathonHi, I’m Michael Fulop. I started Rewarding Diabetes to help kids, teens, families, and even professionals cope with diabetes. We all hit rough patches living with diabetes when motivation lags, momentum stalls, and life balance plummets. Some get burned out.

RD can help  – I’m a clinical psychologist specializing in helping you make tough behavior change. Often, I am asked to help find someone’s “motivation,” or “jump-start” diabetes management. I’ve worked in diabetes since 1986, and continue to learn from my patients, other professionals, and my own explorations of diabetes. I coach and counsel families, kids, teens, and even diabetes educators to untangle motivation puzzles.

My doctorate included a dissertation about diabetes management with kids, teens, and families. In 2006, my friend and fellow T1, Bart McGillivray, published The Diabetes Game a wonderful book written by Nora Coon, then a 16-year old T1. I help you get back on a diabetes path that works, no matter how far off track you are.

Click here to contact me. I look forward to talking with you.